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Food Irradiation Facilities Pose Nuclear Security Threat

Most supermarket chains that previously carried irradiated ground beef purchased their meat from SureBeam, the newly bankrupt electron-beam irradiation company. Now, supermarkets are searching for a new supplier. But unlike the SureBeam technology, significant amounts of radioactive materials, including cobalt 60 and cesium 137, are used in the other food irradiation plants. As such, they raise serious security concerns---they are not adequately protected against theft, and can be used to make "dirty bombs." Now is the time to insist that stores keep irradiated foods off their shelves for good, thereby ending the persistent need for this dangerous nuclear technology.

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New Yorkers: Take Action on Indian Point Nuclear Plant

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Educate Yourself About National Energy Solutions
Sustainable Energy Briefing Paper (PDF document)
GRACE Public Fund's paper on alternative energy solutions. It urges Congress to recognize that renewable energy would decrease our dependence on foreign oil, create jobs and signficantly reduce environmental and health problems.
If you have problems printing out the document, or would like to receive a printed copy by mail, please email GRACE Public Fund at info@gracepublicfund.org.


Close Indian PointThe ISEF is intended to provide an implementation mechanism for financing new sustainable energy alternatives worldwide, particularly for the world's 2 billion poor who are living on less than $1 a day and have inadequate access to energy.

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General Alerts

To follow-up the Rio Earth Summit,at the Commission for Sustainable Development(CSD), the governments of the world will develop a policy on energy and sustainable development. Already the nuclear industry is trying to include nuke power as "sustainable" energy.

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