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Take action!Sign the Citizens’ Petition Opposing The Relicensing of Indian Point

On May 10, 2005, at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Annual Assessment meeting for Indian Point, Westchester County Executive Spano petitioned the NRC to take into account not just the internal structures and systems of Indian Point but the entire region and environs in which the plant operates. He noted, Indian Point is a clear and present danger to the life, health and safety of Westchester's 950,000 residents, not to mention the millions who live and work in the lower Hudson Valley. We must put public safety first. Indian Point must be closed. If the NRC will not close it before the end of its current licenses . . . the NRC must not grant renewal.

Sign the petition today to show your opposition. To learn how you can bring a resolution to your municipal board, contact our Indian Point Campaign Associate, Darcy Casteleiro at 914-478-4501 x. 239 and visit the website at www.riverkeeper.org.

Genetic Engineering

Take action!Demand testing and labeling of GE food!
Send a message directly to the FDA and our corporate leaders requesting complete testing and strict labeling of potentially harmful biotechnology.

Other Environment Action Networks

Green Parties Worldwide. A site that links to domestic and international Green and environmental parties, including several Green US presidential campaigns.

Old growth forests support wildlife and contribute to clean air. They are being destroyed at an unprecedented rate for profit at the expense of the health of our environment. Help stop the destruction by becoming a member of the Rainforest Action Network.


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