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NASA and Congress must hear that the public does not support launching more nuclear materials into space.

Contact NASA: No New Horizons! -
NASA plans to launch 24 pounds of highly toxic plutonium (pu-238 & pu-239) on a New Horizons mission to the planet Pluto. The launch is set to lift-off on/after January 11, 2006 from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The plutonium will be used in a Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (RTG) to convert heat from the radioactive decay of the plutonium into onboard electricity. We are urging the public (U.S. and worldwide) to contact NASA, Congress, and send a Letter to the Editor to your local newspaper (See also talking points to make) stating your opposition to this launch.

Take action!Take Action Now - Email NASA Administrator Michael Griffin or call your congressional switchboard at (toll-free) 1-888-355-3588.

Sign the petition today to show your opposition to 20 more years of operation.

Sign the Citizens’ Petition Opposing The Relicensing of Indian Point

Take action!Take Action NOW - On May 10, 2005, at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Annual Assessment meeting for Indian Point, Westchester County Executive Spano petitioned the NRC to take into account not just the internal structures and systems of Indian Point but the entire region and environs in which the plant operates. He noted, Indian Point is a clear and present danger to the life, health and safety of Westchester's 950,000 residents, not to mention the millions who live and work in the lower Hudson Valley. We must put public safety first. Indian Point must be closed. If the NRC will not close it before the end of its current licenses . . . the NRC must not grant renewal.

Sign the petition today to show your opposition. To learn how you can bring a resolution to your municipal board, contact our Indian Point Campaign Associate, Darcy Casteleiro at 914-478-4501 x. 239 and visit the website at www.riverkeeper.org.

Tell NRC Not to Accept Weakened Standards that Fail to Protect the Public from Radiation!

Send the NRC an email now!
The NRC is moving to implement the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) recently proposed radiation protection standard for Yucca Mountain. If approved, the standard will ignore the scientific consensus on the health impact of radiation, as well as the many unresolved problems surrounding radioactive waste. It will set a terrible precedent; lowering the bar for radiation protection across the country.

Take action!Take Action NOW - Urge the NRC not to accept and implement EPA's flawed draft standard before it has even been commented on by the public!

Urge your representative to join the Parliamentary Network for Nuclear Disarmament
The Parliamentary Network for Nuclear Disarmament (PNND) is a global network of parliamentarians from more than 50 countries working to prevent nuclear proliferation and achieve nuclear disarmament. Membership is open to current members of national and international parliaments.PNND has recently sent letters of invitation to all members of the US Senate and House of Representatives.  We need your help in encouraging US legislators to join the network that will engage them in nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament initiatives.  

Urge your representative to join PNND!

Stop America 's One-Nation Arms Race
Nearly 15 years after the end of the Cold War, US spending on nuclear weapons continues to rise. For the Fiscal Year 2006 budget, the Department of Energy (DoE) is requesting more than $6.63 billion for nuclear weapons activities. Take action now to help stop America 's One-Nation Arms Race. Contact your members of Congress and urge them to reorient the management of the US nuclear arsenal away from the current, aggressive “stockpile stewardship” program of new weapons development and toward a “curatorship” approach instead. Tell them you would like to see nuclear weapons funding reduced and more money directed toward nuclear weapons dismantlement and cleaning up the toxic legacy of the Nuclear Age.

Take Action: Send your message to your Senators and House Representative

Nuclear Weapons

Sign the Abolition Now! Petition
Make 2005, the 60th year of the A-bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki , a turning point for a world without nuclear weapons and war. Sign the Abolition Now! petition that calls on the governments of the nuclear weapons states to neither use, threaten to use nor to develop nuclear weapons, and to take immediate steps for their abolition; and calls on the governments of all countries to take action for the conclusion of an international treaty for the abolition of nuclear weapons.

Be sure to sign the Petition to Abolish Nuclear Weapons!

The Abolish Nuclear Weapons Petition to All Nuclear Powers was created by Proposition One Committee.

Nuclear Plants and Nuclear Waste

Tell EPA its cancer-causing proposed Yucca Mountain radiation regulations are outrageous!
No one deserves cancer, especially not children!

Take Action: Send comments to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) blasting its proposal to allow a 1 in 36 cancer rate for persons exposed to the radioactive wastes that would leak from Yucca Mountain, Nevada if they are ever buried there. Forward this alert to your friends and family to do the same. More info, sample comments, instructions on how/where to submit comments, background information, and talking points can be found here.

Stop the Yucca Mountain Waste Dump!
For years the Department of Energy (DoE) and the nuclear industry have been heralding Yucca Mountain , located in Nevada , as the sole solution to permanent storage of the spent fuel from the United States ' 100+ commercial nuclear power plants. However, the state of Nevada, citizens groups, and many scientific experts oppose using Yucca Mountain as an underground storage site because of environmental, social, and security concerns.

Take Action!: Write to your local media and alert them to the dangers of storing the nation's nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain, Nevada. (The Letters to the Editor section is one of the most widely read parts of the newspaper and is used by decision-makers to gauge the public's concerns and opinions.)

Bills and Resolutions

Urge Congress to Support Strengthening the Non-Proliferation Treaty
On 14 April the "Non-Proliferation Treaty Enhancement Resolution of 2005" was introduced in the House of Representatives. The bi-partisan resolution urges action in 10 major areas of nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament to strengthen the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Email, call and fax your Representative to share your concerns about nuclear weapons proliferation and US nuclear policy. Urge them to reaffirm US support for the NPT and a balanced and comprehensive program of action on nonproliferation and disarmament. The US should obey the legal requirement to disarm its nuclear arsenal under Article VI of the NPT. The Nuclear Posture Review and the National Security Strategy should be revised to comply with these obligations.

Take Action:
Write to your member of Congress and urge them to co-sponsor the Spratt-Leach-Markey-Shays resolution on the NPT.

Woolsey Resolution: H.Res. 373
Urge Congress to Support the Woolsey Resolution on Nuclear Disarmament

On July 20, 2005, Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) introduced H.RES. 373 in the House of Representatives. The Woolsey Resolution recognizes the dangers posed by nuclear weapons and calls on the President to engage in nonproliferation strategies designed to eliminate nuclear weapons from United States and worldwide arsenals.

This important legislation will enhance the security of all Americans and demonstrate to the world that the US is serious about its nonproliferation and disarmament commitments.

Among other measures, the Woolsey Resolution calls for:

  • the President to inform Congress and the Secretary General of the United Nations regarding efforts taken to implement UN and the International Court of Justice rulings on nuclear nonproliferation;
  • the US to fulfill nuclear disarmament obligations, affirming that a nuclear weapon-free world will ultimately require the underpinning of a universal and multilaterally negotiated legally binding instrument;
  • the US to declare unconditionally that it will not use nuclear weapons first, and that pending their elimination, nuclear weapons serve only to deter a nuclear attack by a hostile state or other entity.

Take Action! Write a letter to your Representative and urge him/her to co-sponsor H.RES. 373. If your Representative is already a co-sponsor of this resolution, please thank him/her.

Click here to read the full text of the Woolsey Resolution and view current co-sponsors.

Indian Point

Indian Point lies within a 50-mile radius of nearly 21 million people, which is 8% of the U.S. population. A radiological release from Indian Point - only 22 miles from New York City - would render a large portion of the NY metropolitan area uninhabitable and would have horrendous health, economic and ecological impacts.

In his state of the Union address on January 29, 2002, President Bush said "We have found diagrams of American nuclear power plants [in al Qaeda camps]..." FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) re-certified the plans on July 25th, 2003, even though former FEMA Director, James Lee Witt, found serious flaws in the emergency evacuation plans and refused to certify them. Indian Point could not be defended against a 9/11 type attack and that the evacuation plan is useless. Keeping Indian Point open to provide 6% of New York's electricity -- which can be easily replaced -- is not worth the potential nuclear catastrophe, endangering the lives of millions of New Yorkers. Keeping Indian Point open is simply not worth the risk!


Urge Your Municipality to Pass the Resolution Calling for Indian Point's Permanent Shutdown
Encourage your municipality or community group to join the campaign to close Indian Point by passing this resolution. The full text of a model resolution is available here.

Urge your Municipality to Pass the Resolution Opposing Indian Point's License Renewal
Indian Point 2 and 3 are currently licensed to operate for 40 years. Their 40-year licenses will expire 2013 and 2015, respectively. Entergy is likely to submit their re-licensing request soon. Indian Point is neither safe nor secure and remains vulnerable to a terrorist attack. As the facility continues to age, Indian Point will experience an increasing number of equipment failures. The consequences of a radioactive release from Indian Point – whether triggered by a terrorist attack or accident – pose serious risks to the region's residents, environment and economy.

Support NYC Council Resolution No. 64-A, to Close Indian Point
The Resolution is currently stalled in the Environmental Protection committee by the Chair, Council Member Gennaro. Please encourage Genarro to release the legislation to the full council for a vote!

1) Take action! Send a letter to your Council Member, and cc Council Member Gennaro, asking them to support Res. No. 64-A to Close Indian Point!
Find out who represents you

2) Take action! Call your Council Member today at (212) 788-7100 and Council Member Gennaro (212) 788-6956.

3) Take action! Set up a meeting with your Council member to express your concerns and ask them to co-sponsor Res. 64-A.

1) Take action! Contact Gov. Pataki, Senator Schumer and Senator Clinton

2) Take action! Sign the Petition to Close Indian Point Now!

For more information on Indian Point: http://www.gracelinks.org/nuke/indianpoint/


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